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Please help! This shelter is abusing animals and causing them extreme distress. Inhumane euthanization techniques must stop!

Citizens in Wood County, Ohio are disgusted and appalled that their money is used to fund inhumane practices. Dogs are treated cruelly as the facility is euthanizing dogs by sticking them with a needle directly into their heart. This cruel practice is done without sedation. Dogs that resist are lifted into the air by catch poles around their necks.

Animals that are brought in injured, do not receive medical treatment. They are left to lie on a concrete floor while waiting to be reclaimed by their owners. No pain medication is given during the three day wait for unlicensed dogs.

An employee there is hiding dogs from the public and not reuniting dogs with their owners because she doesn’t like certain dog owners in Wood County. She holds certain breeds for one particular person to take/adopt. That individual does NOT operate a 501(c)3 rescue group.

A letter was sent to the Wood County Commissioners and the dog warden asking them to work with local experts to rectify these and other cruel practices at the shelter. There was no response. Help us tell them that “no response” is unacceptable. We must speak out for the dogs.

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The Cove Movie

July 31st, 2009

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If you love animals and know the value of life, you cannot miss this fantastic docu-drama by Louie Psihoyos. It is a heart wrenching look into the illegal harvesting and slaughter of dolphins in Japan. It’s not just about the dolphins either; school children are being fed the meat from these animals (often labeled as whale meat) which is tainted with dangerous levels of mercury.

More than a documentary, it is too intense to describe; it’s not just a movie but an experience! I have to say that I was not only moved, but changed by what I saw. This group of film makers risked life and limb to make this clandestine movie. Their site:

Arizona Concealed Gun Bill

June 20th, 2009

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It looks like there are some less than intelligent people in the AZ state government; The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-3 on Friday June 20, 2009 for the concealed gun bill. This bill if passed will allow anyone in Arizona without a criminal record to carry a concealed gun.

Gun ownership carries a certain responsibility and concealed carry is a huge responsibility. I am a gun owner and also have a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit. I have carried since I was 21 and concealed carry ever since Arizona law allowed it; I was one of hundreds who applied for the permit when it was first passed in to law. I understand what it means to defend myself and others with lethal force. I understand the legal ramifications of using lethal force if it ever becomes necessary. I have also considered the moral delema of taking a life to save a life. Most people have never really thought about it, or at least on the level true understanding. Education is the only way to make gun owners responsible. Even then, there will be those without a clue.

I am very disturbed by this new bill, as are many others, including law-enforcement. If passed, this bill would allow any retard to carry a gun concealed; not good! He/she would not have to undergo and pass a minimum 8-hour course on gun safety and proficiency – something I think should be required of all gun owners. Without basic instruction in safety and testing in proficiency there will be more accidental shootings and more crime.

As it is now, Arizona law allows one to carry a gun as long as it is in the open; you only need a permit to carry it concealed. I think the law as it is now works well and tends to only allow responsible individuals to legally carry a concealed gun; if you are not up to taking a safety course – you are not a responsible gun owner.

I have met people that should be nowhere near a gun; they are just accidents waiting to happen. Now, if the bill passes the old ccw laws are history and then every Tom, Dick and Jane could carry concealed, making life miserable for many. Law enforcement will also have to change in the way they approach any citizen; now potentially armed and dangerous.

Seems like the weapons issue is swinging wildly from one side to another; in one hand there are those who want to take our guns away, and on the other extreme there are those who promote irresponsible gun laws.

I am a firm believer in the right to keep and bear arms!!! But I also believe that responsibility goes with that. Every gun owner should have to take and pass a mandatory training course in gun safety and proficiency in order to own a gun. That gun owner would be given a certificate of compliance that would then be filed with the state. The certificate does not mean the individual is a gun owner, just that the individual can buy and own a gun. Extended courses should be promoted for those who wish to have the added responsibility of concealed carry.

This new bill is the equivalent of just handing a gun to anyone who wants one and saying “Here, stuff this in your pocket in case you need it.”  How flipping insane is that???


On an added note, I do not believe the government in any form has a right to know if I own a gun, or how many, or what kind, unless a weapon falls within a certain category which requires a special ownership permit, such as an automatic or semi-automatic assult rifle. That addresses the responsibility issue once again – if you want to own a military type rifle, you would need a special permit and go on record as being an owner of this weapon type – any lack of responsibility such as selling the weapon outside of a dealer, would be cause to lose your special permit and possibly face some jail time.


Well, AZ Gov Jan Brewer really screwed the people over in this state. Legalizing anyone to carry concealed without a permit is outrageous  and totally irresponsible! Now any nit-wit who owns a gun can conceal it – even if he/she does not know how to use it. I think it is a conspiracy; if more people are injured and killed because of this, it will give the lawmakers the ammunition they need to ban guns altogether!

What about the loophole that allows anyone to buy a gun at a gun show, without submitting to a background check? This includes gang members, convicted felons, the Mexican drug cartels and more.

Well Jan, you lost my vote!

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I’ll tell ya… this latest round of investigations really pisses me off! This congressional investigation is a waste of tax dollars, but at least it will finally put to rest the fact that our Sheriff is not the corrupt racist he has been made out to be; he is just a tough enforcer of the law.

This country needs more officials like him, especially in the border counties where the influx of illegal immigrants is just overwhelming. Sheriff Joe’s “crime sweeps” are cleaning up what needs cleaning: the illegal immigrants! Because he targets neighborhoods with a high number Hispanic residents, he is said to be racially profiling. You know… SO WHAT! Pretty soon if there is a robbery at at the local Circle-K the witnesses will not be allowed to say if the robber was white, black, hispanic or martian – and if they do say, then the officers will not be able to use that information without resorting to racial profiling. I think we are due for some new Ammendments!

I love our government and I love my country, but our constitution is faulty – when it allows people who are criminals to hide in plain view (like at the local Home Depot) and thumb their noses at the rest of us. And when it allows violent, hate-based groups like the Nazi skinheads to rally and stir up trouble and further their cause by swaying the minds of our children. But, on the same note, I love our constitution as it allows me to write without fear of the government seizing my computer or placing me in prison for saying what I please. But a change is needed, none the less.

Sheriff Joe, me and many of my friends and family proudly voted to keep you in office, and I am not afraid to say aloud that I support you 100%. You are one tough hombre and our county and state are safer because of you and your officers. You keep going Joe! Thank you!

Oakland PD – My Prayers

March 28th, 2009

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My prayers and thoughts are with the city of Oakland California, its police force, its residents and the family and friends of the slain officers.

This was a tragic event that took the lives of Sgt. Mark Dunakin, Officer John Hege, Sgt. Ervin Romans, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai; sworn peace offices who more than upheld their oath to protect and to serve; they gave it all.

The news outlets have covered the story well, so I will not pretend to have any additional information or commentary. Just let me say that I admire the men and women who put their very lives on the line, to help the rest of us lead normal lives in the safest possible environment. This tragedy was deeply felt across this great country. May god be with you all.

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